(1) The General Session will meet once in every four years. The session will be called the CSTU Quadrennial Conference. It is the highest organ of authority in the CSTU and all bodies of the CSTU derive their authority from it.

(2) The Quadrennial Conference will consist of the delegates elected by the constituent unions in accordance with the rules under the Constitution and the office bearers of the CSTU will have the same status as the elected delegates.

(3) The functions and powers of the CSTU Quadrennial Conference are as follows:

  •  Adopting the program and the general policy of the CSTU, making such changes in them as are considered necessary in the interests of the working class.
  • Discussion and adoption of the report presented by the General Secretary, discussion and adoption of such other reports that may be presented by the General Council on the questions of the agenda,
  • Examination and discussion of questions put to the Conference by constituent State Committees and constituent unions,
  • Pass resolutions on current questions affecting the working class,
  • Take decisions on affiliations of unions, on disaffiliation and other type of disciplinary actions,
  • Election of the General Council according to the rules prescribed,
  • Election of the Office Bearers,
  • The Conference will fix its own agenda,
  • It will modify or amend the present Constitution,
  • It will pass the audited Statement of Accounts,
  • It will take any other decision consistent with the program and the Constitution of the CSTU.


(4) A special session of the CSTU Conference in between two triennial sessions may be called by the General Council or on a requisition from unions representing one-fourth of the total strength of the membership of the CSTU.



 The General Council shall have the power to make bye laws, not inconsistent with the Constitution.

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